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Below you can find a few of my giclée prints, "Friends", "Somewhere over the rainbow" and "Sound of Nature". All signed limited editions.


Giclée fine art is a large-format inkjet printing technique, including processes that use fade-resistant, pigment-based archival inks, and archival substrates. These printers use the CcMmYK colour system and increase the apparent resolution and color gamut and allows smoother gradient transitions. We use acid free fine art paper of high quality, ca 300g from Canson or Hanemühle.


Somewhere over the template

signed edition 75 ex. 210 x 300 mm print area

Friends / Vänner

signed edition 200 ex. 180 x 220 mm print area

Mermaid dreams

Butterfly meadow

Breeze of intuition

Where have all the flowers gone

Puppy love

Sound of Nature

signed edition 10 ex. 297 x 297 mm print area

Solar wind

Shadow play

How to make a rainbow

signed edition 10 ex. 297 x 420 mm print area

The awakening of the drums

Morning Symphony

String Orchestra

Childhood friends

Time travelling


Red rose poetry


signed edition 10 ex. 630 x 297 mm print area

Pink blues

Heathers reflections

The rythm of the dragon

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