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I save all small bits of paper. Anything from birthday cards and the childrens chocolate wrappings to receipts from foreign countries and left over sketches from comissioned work. Everything can be turned into something new or a different idea. I also enjoy mixing different types of paints and crayons. Sometimes I have an idea I want to express from the beginning and other times the emotion or title comes to me during the work process. Please, don't hesitate to ask me more about each one of the pieces or titles.


Original collage size 180 x 240 mm, mounted on cardboard full size 300 x 350 mm

Dawn awakening

Babbling brooks

Young Mr. Bacchus - The mother was unaware

A zen buddhist munk is always at his happiest in an open landscape

The day when the Tower of Bable collapsed

The murmur of the sea - SOLD

The art of finding your way home on a misty Saturday morning

She waits for us at the end of the fairytale

The August moon

Set the table for two - SOLD

A walk in the woods - SOLD

Turqoise breeze

(a holiday adventure) - SOLD

My life above the clouds

When the fog lifts

To hesitate in front of obstacles - SOLD

She flowered in the Spring - SOLD

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