Therese Carnemalm

StudioT - Art & Design



Therese Carnemalm was born and raised in Malmö, which is Sweden's third biggest city. She has worked as a designer and artist for about 30 years.

Intuition and curiosity are the driving forces in her work. Themes and ideas

can be transformed into various expressions both in 2D and 3D as well as through different types of medium, such as watercolours, acrylic paint, pencils or collage techniques.


A title of a picture can be the start of a story and the first step into the picture. Another can awaken emotions inside of you and open a deeper understanding of the piece.


Therese Carnemalm • StudioT • Velandergatan 112 • 215 65 Malmö • Sweden • +46 (0)702 563606 • therese@carnemalm.se • www.carnemalm.se